Mathias Raute

Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Colombia, he decided to follow his German roots 6 years ago and emigrated to beautiful Frankfurt.

Since then, he has been exploring the vastness of Europe and never misses a rock concert.

Next travel destination: Iceland or the Faroe Islands

Inga Ehret

Junior Account Executive

Having lived abroad for several years herself, her dream is to one day live by the sea and devote herself to reading in the sun.

If things get too quiet for her, she will find her lively side again at concerts.

Next travel destination: Greece

Marina Spedicato

Senior Social Media Executive

With her Italian charm and Russian passion, she prefers to speak the language of creativity!

Whether behind the camera, with a pencil in her hand or in her latest TikTok ideas - this is how she prefers to express herself.

Next destination: Italy 

Steffen Hager

Director Public Relations

Back to the roots: Our Frankfurt resident from northern Germany did his internship at BZ.COMM many years ago.

Not only does travelling play a major role in his professional life, he also enjoys flying around the world in his private life. He has a great passion for good wine, special hotels and is always on the lookout for the best mileage and travel deals. 

Next travel destination: Singapore

Tajana Peric

Junior Account Executive

Adventurous and in love with nature - our team player is always on the lookout for the next outdoor adventure. Her enthusiasm for anime and Japanese culture provides creative inspiration, while her heart beats for the welfare of animals.

She feels at home in Frankfurt am Main, especially on late summer evenings. 

The next chapter of her travel story: a trip to sunny Portugal.

Andrea Oechsler

Senior PR Manager

Having lived in the Benelux countries, England, France, Egypt and even Mauritius, the Frankfurt native has travelled the world – but has always been drawn back to her home city.

In her free time, she’s a creative traveller as well and enjoys writing, reading and painting. 

Next travel destination: probably the Balearic Islands

Feyza Yerlikaya

Social Media Manager

With stays in over 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA, Feyzanur has traveled extensively around the world. However, she has always been drawn back to Seoul, South Korea, where she lived and studied for over two years.

Privately, she is creatively active and spends her time as a content creator on TikTok and Instagram, expressing her creativity!

Next travel destination: Korea

Hams Kamal

Junior Account Executive

Born by the sea- A radiant Alexandrian who swapped the ancient wonders of Egypt for the charming skyline of Frankfurt.

She loves adventures and cherishes her roots. With a youthful passion for exploring new places and a heartwarming smile, she brings joy to every moment and is eager to explore the world.

Next travel destination: The Land of the pharaohs

Clio Sterkel

Director Operations

Back to the roots - Welcome back at home for the young hessian with Greek roots. Down-to-earth mentality paired with positive vibes. She likes to cook Greek dishes for family and friends.

Next travel destination: Griechenland


Sven Meyer

Managing Director

A globetrotter and Fortuna fan, he once came in sixth in the dragon boat races in Hong Kong. Always wants to sing karaoke.

Next travel destination: Vietnam

Melanie De Melo

Senior Marketing Consultant

A real Frankfurt girl who loves to travel and likes to laugh. In her free time she does volunteer work in the children-youth-young-adults work and supports social projects in Goa.

Next travel destination: Again and again spontaneously to Goa and anywhere in the world where it drags me

Esther Hentschel

Social Media

From Colombia to Albania - this globetrotter with Czech roots has imbibed the love for travel and adventure with her mother's milk. Her wanderlust often leads her to countries far away from the classic destinations. True to her motto: See and experience the world with her own eyes. Besides traveling, she is especially interested in art, conquers the dance floor at every party and, as a sun worshipper, loves to be out in nature.

Next destination: Oman

Tobias Dietrich

Marketing Consultant

The Hessian sunshine likes to navigate around the world as a talking map. In his leisure time the passionate city dweller explores with friends the advantages of Frankfurt & its surroundings. He also enjoys the countryside, especially when grandma is waiting with pancakes and apple porridge.

Next travel destination: From East to West through Canada

Xingyue Yang


Born in China, she loves travelling far, but also enjoys staying home to cook with family and friends. Her first journey in Germany was to Heidelberg and was so impressed by the culture and people there that she made up her mind to stay here longer.   

Next Destination: London

Marvin Korndörfer

PR Berater

For him, the focus is on sport. When he's not kicking, throwing or hitting the ball with his bat, the Eintracht fan can be found in stadiums all over the world or watching all sports from the comfort of his couch. Thanks to his grandmother, he has found his second home in Las Vegas, where he travels every few years.

Next destination: Las Vegas

Wiebke Deggau

Senior PR Consultant & MICE

Our airline expert also likes to travel by land—as a successful participant in various vintage car rallies. With her child. And her dog.

Next travel destination: Bavarian Forest

Alexander Schulz

Graphic designer

This creative mind radiates calm in all situations and is a passionate musician.

Next travel destination: Italian Riviera

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